Why You Must Visit Barkerville

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Why Barkerville?

“Barkerville was the main town of the Cariboo Gold Rush in British Columbia, Canada, and is preserved as a historic town. It is located on the north slope of the Cariboo Plateau near the Cariboo Mountains 80 kilometres east of Quesnel.Wikipedia

Back in elementary school, I remembered learning about the gold rush and how it contributed to the discovery of towns in British Columbia. For some unknown reason, Barkerville jumped from my textbook pages and embedded itself into my mind. I wanted to go there. I was in Grade 4 and my 10 year old self really had no idea how…..

Barkerville, Here I Come!

This year, as part of my summer vacation, I finally made it! Apparently, the children haven’t learned about Barkerville! What a treat!

Barkerville was once a flourishing gold rush town back in the . Due to the poor living conditions…

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