#Owlcrate Unboxing – Pic Post & Review – October ‘ Dawn of a New World ‘ box.

Kitty Marie's Reading Corner

Spoiler Warning – Below are detailed pics and info on Owlcrate’s 2019 book subscription box and a full unboxing.

My Owlcrate referral link if you’re interested in buying a subscription- https://www.owlcrate.com/refer/Kitty-PJGVXJPC
Sincerest thanks if you do!

This is my first ever book subscription box (and unboxing) so this is super exciting! I’d heard that Owlcrate was sending out two books this month so rushed to sub last month on September 29th. They shipped via priority mail on the 16th of October,and the box arrived on October 19th. The subscription will renew November 1st and I’m tempted to renew because next month’s theme looks so lovely, there was a little card included here that details the theme of it. Everything arrived in fantastic condition and the decorated owl-themed box is so cute. Both books are signed by their authors and sealed in protective slipcovers. The books also have additional lovely note…

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