Sadness Sadness Everywhere !!!


Heyy people what’s up hope you all are doing well. What do you think about today’s topic, will it be full of depressing content ? Answer is “NO”.

So why I’ve written a title like this, because this is the today’s bitter truth. Sadness is occupying happiness like, “mass and volume occupies space”. Ok ok no science here !! But this can be an ideal example.

Guys people are loosing their happiness day by day because of so many things. Reasons for becoming sad are endless. Deep down we all are sad because of so many reasons.

You know why we are sad and depressed nowadays because we aren’t finding happiness in small small things. Now some people will come in the comment section and say “Easier said than done”.

I know it’s very tough to find happiness and I truly accept this fact. But how can we come to…

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A Little Favor


The last thing I wanted was a diversion. It’d been a long day.

Sure enough, diversion.

As I drove out, he was walking the opposite direction into a cold, 20 mph wind with light drizzling rain.

“Stop. Turn around and give him a ride” was the quiet, still message inside.

My internal response was, “Aww man!”

A quarter mile down the road, I felt bad, so a U-turn and a quarter mile back, I pulled up beside the tall, slender man.

He was probably 55 to 60 years old, carrying a plastic grocery bag in each hand. His clothes were old and worn, but clean and well cared for.

His head was ducked down, leaning into the frigid wind, and his arms remained close to his sides to try to stay warm while carrying milk in one bag and can goods in the other.

He looked up with a tired…

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