The Attitude Of Gratitude

Passion For Truths

“It is strange but somewhat true that sometimes when our life becomes too plain sailing, we tend to forget and not appreciate the many blessings in life. All it takes is a small setback to wake us up to reality and be thankful for the blessings, however small they may be…I have learned to be appreciative of what I have.”

“It has been said that there is a close correlation between gratitude and happiness. Many have attested to the fact that by being thankful and grateful for the good things in life, one is able to push one’s own happiness index up a few notches.”


The above is an excerpt from a letter to a newspaper from its reader, which I could relate to. In the past, I have come across quite a number of people who opine that gratitude is one of the best attitudes, a person can…

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Betrayal trauma

Tearing at the Fabric

You get better at dealing with the trauma and the pain. But it is an under reported form of PTSD, betrayal trauma.

I struggled to understand why I wasn’t “just getting over it,” to start with. Society’s dominant discourses suggest that when someone betrays you, you get angry and feel relieved that person has chosen to take their cheating arse several hours away, not to disturb your new peaceful life without any longer having to monitor their behaviour.

So why was I so heartbroken?

The reason a very long term spouse is so permanently rocked, shaken to the core is about bonding, core values, and living a completely different version of the partnership than the cheater.

George S. Everly Jnr outlines in Psychology Today, the effects of betrayal by your most trusted, most beloved, as some of the worst, most misunderstood PERMANENT trauma. This was supposed to be your…

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The tree of hope

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

Three years ago I was trying to get my head round organising my partners funeral. At the same time I was trying to empty my mums house and wrap up her loose ends. My head was completely spinning. I was in full zombie grief mode.

One family personal trauma doesn’t stop the world from spinning. It carries on regardless. So I was immediately faced with continuing the application for our sons Education Health Care Plan. Sat bewildered at my partners desk trying to find on my own the words for the final application form. The words came so easy when it was two minds. Now the one failed me. Then the black pen stopped working. Couldn’t find another and the form had to be completed in black on the pain of ……

So I set off to the shops to buy a pen. But quickly I was lost in a…

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The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

The Lonely Author

The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

“Are you okay?”

“The souls of the dead see my light. They believe it is their opportunity to reenter our world. It happens every time I enter a cemetery.”

“You can feel them?”

“They pass through me like light through a prism.”

Spirits swirled inside Amani in a whirlpool of ancient scents, tastes, joys, and tears. The haunting pain of unfulfilled dreams from their previous lives pinched his heart. 

Angelo came to a sudden realization.  “This is the closest an immortal can come to feeling death.”

Amani inhaled deeply, longing to breathe in their hopes of a new life, the passions of lovers past, the cold inevitability of death.

“How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”

“How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”

“How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”

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Pack Perfect: How To Pack Lightly

Ana Seas The Day

For many, packing is the most annoying, stressful and time-absorbing activity of the whole trip. Often, we end up taking way too much luggage. And then we end up paying a fine at the airport, or even worse- being obliged to leave behind items from our luggage. And what about style? How about not looking like the obvious tourist, but instead packing your best pieces of clothing that make you shine and show the real you?

As a frequent traveler and a ex-flight attendant, packing was almost a daily routine for me. I learned a lot of lessons through experience, and I am happy to share these tips & trips about packing perfectly.

Finding the perfect inbetween – not packing too little, not packing too much – is not so difficult as it looks. Let’s take a look at how to pack perfect.

Less is more

Be realistic…

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