Appesa a un quarto di luna


Sarai tu a farmi entrare
durante la prima notte in cui,
satelliti, sapremo congiungerci
e ritrovare sangue
di un tempo mai più diviso.

Rientrano i piccoli, timidi,
mammiferi nelle loro tane,
rientra la dolcezza
con un pianto di gioia,
rientra il grido lupo
lasciato scorazzare in montagna
coi denti bene in vista,
rientra l’uomo dopo avere a lungo
camminato le acque,
rientra l’avversario relitto,
rientra il non certo
confuso e condiviso.

Appesa a una quarto di luna
come nelle poesie,
mai più pallida,
riporrai le armi del desiderio
per fare pace.

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Book Review | Dream Job | Ayan Chakraborty

Aditi Mehta


This is the story of every next door Indian boy. This is a ordinary yet extraordinary story. I assure you all will find this book very relatable.

This is the story of Atul, who’s dream is to get placed in big MNC. Like every other boy, he prepares for JEE but couldn’t get into NIT so takes admission in nice private college, studies hard, goes on a manali trip, helps a friend to pay semester fees, falls for a girl, participate in inter college football league, get disappointed in placement but eventually get placed in big MNC with nice package, tries to forget about the girl but eventually get his happy ending with her. Sounds very neat, right? But then how Atul story is different? Or Is he really lucky to get this perfect life?

When we pick a book, we try to read something extraordinary. We look for…

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Book Review | Daredevil Dreams | karthick Hemabushanam

Aditi Mehta


‘Daredevil Dreams’ is a lot of things, but it is not subtle- it is essentially a children’s book that takes the trouble not to insult the intelligence of children.
It is an attempt to bond cosmic horror with supernatural activity.

We begin with 10 year old Arjun, who confronts a ghost and this ghost takes him to various crime in the city. Eventually, Arjun grabs lots of attention as he help police to solve the mysterious cases. But, when Arjun reveals about the ghost to everyone his life turns upside down as no one believes him and he has violates the ghost spoken words.

The book is lots of thing. But, the whole is less than the sum of its part. The pace slackens, the ghost and boy rap begins to drag and there are far too many threads hanging – a 10 year facing abuse and his challenge…

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