Wish List “New World”


|| die deutsche Version folgt im Anschluss

Wish List

At the age of 11, I wrote a wish list in my diary stating the following:

I wish for:

  • no more war
  • none is supposed to starve
  • no experiments with animals
  • everyone should be happy
  • Germany should be reunited
  • luck, happiness, peace and love

That was back in 1988. It was during a time frame, when Nena’s “99 Luftballons” were flying around the globe for 5 years. The movie “The day after” was released in 1983 too, showing the killing and damage a nuclear bomb would cause. The Eighties was a time period, when we felt the presence of the Cold War. Nuclear bombs became big and were used as a sign of power and to threaten. Even at that young age, growing up in Germany, I followed up on this. I got the rough idea, we need to do anything…

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