Magic Places


A magic place can be
anywhere and everything. Simple like that. It’s all about the right
moment. Right time. Right place. And magic is in the air. Beauty is
in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes if you are lucky, everything is right. It all correspondence well. One shot. And the moment lasts. A photograph is an imprint of the special atmosphere combined with your emotion. A captured perfect moment of being right there, right now. Anywhere. Time melts again, when anyone else looks at this photograph and it touches one’s heart and soul. Wonderful. Magic. One Love.

feel welcome, brave and be open for magic to come your way

Ein magischer Ort kann überall und alles sein. So einfach ist das. Es kommt auf den richtigen Moment an. Die richtige Zeit. Der richtige Ort. Und Magie ist in der Luft. Schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.

Manchmal, wenn Du…

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