ALBUM REVIEW: Red Cain – Kindred: Act II

Rock Out Stand Out

One of things I am going to try this year is listen to more new bands and dive into the unknown as I tended to play it safe last year. Well given what went on, sticking to what’s familiar seemed like the safe option.

RED CAIN seemed like a good place to start this new trip into the unknown, my interest was piqued was I saw recommended for fans of KAMELOT, AMARANTHE, POWERWOLF and SYMPHONY X. After listening to their latest record Kindred: Act II, I will certainly be keeping my ears out for them a lot more.

The album doesn’t mess around, it gets straight to the point as it packs a punch with opening track Kindred. When listening to this, the powerful synthesizers remind me of AMARANTHE and the in-depth vocal work makes me think of KAMELOT. It’s only the first track…

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