My Unexcused Life


Fret and fidget no more, love
the lonely and desperate blanket upon you
is fading and chastened,
bleeding free of ill dye
by the vibrant circle of roses
of your faith.

Change blows near and patience is rewarded
so cringe no more, love
where before breathed only airless space
security waits to enfold you, summoned
by the soft whispery warm breezes
of your faith.

Falter and hesitate no more, love
the bricks upon your ankles
crumble and split, turn to sand
and glass– and are shamed
by the fast river flow
of your faith.

A strong new voice breaks through
so choke no more, love
the binding barbed wire threads
that suffocate your throat and your mind
unravel into shimmery sunlit beams– unbreakable–
of your faith.

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