Mocha Chiffon Zebra Cake (With Recipe Video)

The Gastronomy Gal


Coffee-flavored desserts are slowly growing on me; an off occurrence since my taste buds have detested coffee for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it’s because I’m growing older day by day and the flavor is a commonly acquired taste among adults.

Because of a worldwide coffee craze, I came up with a brilliant idea of creating a mocha flavored zebra cake. A zebra cake is typically chocolate and vanilla, but I wanted to bake something slightly different by using coffee powder, along with cocoa powder, and using meringue to make a chiffon cake. This cake looks difficult to prepare but is quite simple so it’ll be sure to impress yourself or anyone you choose to share it with!, that is if there is any left…

Or maybe I am just a dessert monster who is capable of eating an entire…

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