Random 5 for October 13 – Friends, mice, conversation, food, customer service

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat

Source: kissclipart.com

The ladies of the gym – My former group of gym ladies had lunch this week. I couldn’t make it but got a full report from one of my walking group. (Keep in mind that I am the youngest in this group with the oldest around 90.) There was a spirited discussion on cremation and what to do with the remains. All the women there (four) are being cremated with no fancy urns and no memorials or celebrations of life. Two are not going to have newspaper notices. When asked how we would know if she passed, her answer was “I’m dead! I don’t care!” #thatstheattitude! #livelylunchconversations

I caught a mouse all by myself!

The mouse-capade – Sasha caught her first mouse. I heard her screaming in the dining room. (This cat does not lack for lung power!) She had a mouse in her mouth. I got her…

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