It’s Time To Report For Duty For The “Send In The Marines” Blog-A-Thon!


November 10th is a special day for all U.S. Marines as it marks the anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775.  Hollywood history has no shortage of movies about the Marines, but what you may not know is so many faces you know from the annals of classic cinema and television also once marched through the Halls of Montezuma.

You can blame the phenomena known as the blog-a-thon for drawing an oddball sports guy like J-Dub into the classic film blogging world.  That would explain other Blog-A-Thons he’s hosted like Box Office Jocks and 1st and Ten; that would seem obvious coming from an old football player.  You can apply the same logic to see why J-Dub would want to do a Blog-A-Thon about the USMC.  While John Wayne and J-Dub both played football, one of them did more than play a Marine in the movies.

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