Beats & Pieces : October 2019

First off, I should give some props out to the super dope homeboy James Landau, who gave birth to another fresh AF instrumental project called ‘Blueberry’, late last month. His previous two works in the series ‘Sabbatical’ and ‘Sentiments’ both are solid moody numbers worth checking out, but pop this bad boy on get a taste of the last sweets sips of summer before we all start to feel the windy rain and pumpkin spice the shit out of everything.

Landau’s sample-drenched compositions ooze soul and sonics that channel the likes of J-Dilla and Madlib while at the same time carving out his own unique style. The Canadian phenom is one to look out for and has a solid work ethic with several projects on the go that should provide some fantastic listening for the years to come.

Got beats? Yep.

Thankful by James Landau

Element of Change by James…

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