What do you want?

Confidence is your choice

A: ‘’What do I want?”

B: ‘’What do you mean, what sort of question is that? I want the best body ever, I want to be rich and feel free, I want to find my ideal partner and get a dream house. I want this to happen very soon!’’

A: ‘’Thanks
for sharing your goals with me. Could you summarise what steps you are taking
to achieve what you want?’’

B: ‘’Mmm,
well at this present time I am planning for those things and I know full well I
will achieve my goals one day’’

A: ‘’I heard
you say that you want these amazing things to happen to you very soon. Are you committed today to accomplish your

B: ‘’Yes, I
mean I need to feel ready for it first, I will soon start to take action, so I
can succeed. I have some many other things to…

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