Make a Paw-print Rubber Stamp! #PenPalooza

Becoming Cliche

I’m fairly certain that most of us are aware that 2020 lasted about a decade. A long, lonely decade. I haven’t hugged my mom in over a year. It doesn’t look like restrictions will be (or even SHOULD be) lifted for several months, but in my opinion, it’s more important than ever to make connections to actual humans, even if I can’t do it in person. Enter PenPalooza, a network of over 10,000 humans who are dusting off the lost art of letter-writing.

I have a few pen pals now, and sending mail is great fun. Receiving it is even better. I’m a bit basic, so I haven’t invested a ton of money into it. I get the best note cards and writing paper the dollar store has to offer. But just because my stationary isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it lacks flare. I like putting my own mark on the…

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Calvinomics : Episode 19

KTSW 89.9

ByCalvin Miller
Podcast Manager

In this episode, Calvin takes a short step back and provides some introduction about himself and some of the things he has lived through, as well as done in his life.

If you ever have any questions or comments for Calvin about future episodes or topics you would like to discussed, be sure to tune in and reach out to him! He wants to know his audience members.

Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

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The Cherokee In Me.

Willing Yourself To Win

When I was a fledgling teen, maybe not even that, possibly 12ish, we (The family) were deliciously treated to a new neighbour. She moved into the house directly across the street from our house. She (Can’t remember her name) was very pretty, youngish (I think) wore multi coloured beads on the ends of her wild flowing, very dark hair and always seemed to wear the same bright coloured clothes. (She probably didn’t wear the same clothes but it just seemed that way to me)

She, let’s call her Amira, simply because I like that name, was very pleasant but never forthcoming (If you know what I mean) She (Amira) always took the time to say good morning every time we saw her, naturally accompanied by a beaming smile, set off with beautifully white teeth and lips that required no artificial gloss put definitely required my lips!! Admittedly, I was besotted…

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Book Review | One & half love story | Vishal Anand

Aditi Mehta


Love is often said is a many splendored thing. In book ‘One & a half love story author ‘Vishal Anand’ offer us a deep dove into this splendor

First and foremost I love the book title. It do complete justice with the book. This is a book about Nimisha, Viraj and Shriya. Viraj is head over hells in love with Nimisha and Nimisha reverts back the same intensity of love everything perfect in their relationship, enters Shriya. A carefree girl like a wild horse unmindful of any damage due to her actions falls in love with Viraj. But which love will succeed?

Alike its title ‘One & a half love story’ is a sweet, enjoyable and moving book. There’s so much here that will stay with you and while it last you will have a smile on your face and that’s exactly this book demands.
The heart of…

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Le mie mani


Quando piove, uso ripararmi
la testa con una mano,
e alla fine
c’è un portoncino pronto
ad accogliere me
e le mie mani.

Tra il battente e il tocco
esiste forse l’immortalità?

Parlano, scrivono,
sanno tenere un ritmo, pulire,
sporcare ancora.
Spesso, oltre la scarsa visibilità,
so ricordarne altre
che sembravano ali.

Qualcuno le ha sognate,
costruite e me le ha prestate:
sono due cose prima o poi
da rendere.

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