“This time both fans and critics seem very pleased and we’re happy for that.”

Rock Out Stand Out

For decades THERION have been blowing fans and critics away with their sounds. Their latest offering Leviathan is no exception. Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham spoke to band vocalist Thomas Vikström about Leviathan, the creating process during a pandemic and what songs he is looking forward to playing live when bands can tour again. Here’s what happened.

You released Leviathan a few days ago now. I absolutely love it. In your press release, it says you packed Therion hits into this album. How did you go about achieving this? Did you see what fans responded to the most or was it something else?

The two latest releases we did was one French cover album where we covered French songs which was unusual and the next was a triple rock opera called Beloved Antichrist. Christofer [Johnsson] and I sat down and said let’s go back home. It’s time to…

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