The Inevitable Rise of the Gasoline Tax

KTSW 89.9

By Calvin Miller
Web Content Contributor

With the presidential elections thankfully in the past, Democrats now hold a majority in the House of Representatives and Kamala Harris holds the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, economic issues are now front and center on the Democrat’s minds. All of this brings me to something that will most likely become a hot topic very soon… the federal gasoline tax.

In case you weren’t aware, for every single gallon of gasoline that we purchase, there is currently an 18.4 cent federal tax automatically tied into the price. On top of that, Texas charges its own state gas tax, which is currently 20 cents per gallon. This means that for every gallon of gas you purchase, 38.4 cents of that total per-gallon price is actually because of additional taxes.

Back in 2018, Donald Trump floated the idea of raising the federal gasoline tax by 25…

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