Journey to Self-connection: The Benefits of Meditation

KTSW 89.9

By Jernice Kelley
Web Content Contributor

Spending time alone can lead to intrusive thoughts. They are not all bad, but simply a result of the human condition. When we are alone, it is one of the few times where we are able to introspect. 

With the ongoing pandemic, people have taken up different mechanisms to deal with this moment in time. I started a journey that allowed me to take my introspection and use it to connect with my higher self.  Although, the concept of a higher self means something entirely different to everyone. 

To me, the higher self is the best version of you. The you that is patient, intuitive, generous, kind, and at peace. It is being aligned, high vibrational, and free. There are so many ways to align yourself, but no certain way is right or wrong. The higher self is not something that you have to…

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