The 5 best new streaming film and television shows of 2021

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By Diamond Marie Pedroza
Web Content Contributor

Watching films and television shows is a great way to escape the many unique challenges that 2021 has already brought. Some people are discovering streaming services for the first time, while others are as obsessed as ever with the newest material these services have to offer.

Here are my top picks for what has been newly released this month.

Image of Search Party and Euphoria screenshots with HBO Max text
Search Party and Euphoria screenshots

“Search Party” – HBO Max original (formerly TBS original)

“Search Party” is one of the best comedy television shows that I have seen in recent years. It perfectly criticizes millennials, and somehow makes all of its main characters unlikeable, yet enjoyable to watch.

The show uses wit and excellent screenwriting to tell intricate stories about crime and murder in relatable ways. With each episode being under 30 minutes, this show is definitely binge-worthy.

“Search Party’s” newest season, which is…

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