Book Review | Frozen Tears | Alisha Khattar

Aditi Mehta


‘Frozen Tears’ is a beautiful musing by a 16 year old author. The book is divided in three sections – ‘that dark phase’, ‘that for the first time in the forever moment’, ‘that love phase’ through each section author has created a cocktail of lyricism, emotions, bravery, optimism and grief. This is a book of descent that will shift something inside you. Author makes you feel every bit of emotions in every God damn muse.

The deep sorrowful feeling which we experience in ‘that dark phase’ will turn soothing and peaceful when we proceed reading the other sections. It’s like whole turn up of feelings and balancing out every emotions. The book sooth us, teach us, motivate us, provoke us, strengthen us and make us smile.

Each muse is filled with honesty both in the way author considers herself and the way she interacts with emotions. Each muse is…

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