Hello, World

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During the years that I was working as a computer programmer, quite often, I had to learn a new computer language. It doesn’t matter if you learn it in a class or from a book, the very first exercise, usually, is writing a program to print “Hello, World”. In a way, this exercise is comforting, because I knew it too well; but, on the other hand, it was kind of boring, so I often skipped it.

Now that most of us (people in every country) stay at home all the time, for some reason, I feel the world has become smaller, and we are closer. I have an urge of shouting “Hello, China”, “Hello Italy”, “Hello Spain”… “Hello, World” … “How are you?”

And… when I pray for COVID-19 to end, I can hear other people’s voices, praying in their own language, their own faith…

Stay safe, my friends.


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