Celebrating Pride at Automattic: “Living My Life Freely and Authentically”

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Throughout June, we’re exploring identity, diversity in tech and the workplace, and what it means to participate in Pride Month. Meet Mel Choyce-Dwan, a product designer who works on the Automattic theme team. She talks about her journey as a designer, inclusive design, and how she got involved with the WordPress community.

How do you identify?

The easiest and broadest identification I’ve landed on is “queer.” Every time I try to get more specific than that, nothing quite fits. Queer is like a warm, cozy sweater that always fits nice and loose. It encompasses my sexuality and gender in one nice package. The next closest label that feels comfortable is “soft butch.” I’m masculine-of-center, but “butch” on its own seems too aspirational — something I’m not cool or tough enough to take on. Soft butch is a nice compromise.

How did you first get involved with WordPress?

I first learned…

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