And Death Spoke

My Unexcused Life

*Author’s note: this was a favorite of my favorite person. Before she was found, after a night shift at the hospital…dead on her kitchen floor. Unexpectedly. This is for you, Lorraine. Miss you…love you…thank you.* ~CM

The big grey building changes the landscape as I look
across the horizon toward the north.
In the sky the clouds appear as a fuzzy
blanket of dark moving toward the west.

Supposedly it rains, for I can see drops
in the puddles, though feel nothing hitting my face.

The air is a chilly soul today, or so it feels to me.
I’m shivery and shaky, and appear to be the only one affected.

The figures around me walk leisurely and seem in no hurry
to escape the elements as I am. But then I always hurry.
The others content themselves with life and enjoy it
while I am always running after it-after something…

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