***Cliché’s have always been a part of my vocabulary. Why? Because Daddy was ALWAYS saying a cliché, or a catchy slogan, or a joke, or a byline, or a ….. You get the picture. One of his favorites was “The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.” And “Go to it!”, and “Rough Seas Make Good Sailors”, and “Think Outside the Box”.

Then, as my life progressed, I added my own. “Just Keep Taking the Next Step” and “Don’t Push the River; It Flows by Itself”. “Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead; Gutsy Girls Do!” And, “Simplify!” When I started practicing law, I found that clichés were flowing into my mind as I was writing declarations and briefs. Haha. Uh, NO. That made me put into words the cliché’s that were flowing into my brain.

So the cliché (or byline or whatever you want to call it)…

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