INSTANT INTELLIGENCE: Expert says future brain implants could spell the end of schooling

Ilford, United Kingdom


According to an artificial intelligence expert and company founder quoted by the UK papers the Daily Star and The Sun, we are but a generation away from a learning and intellectual revolution that could accelerate humanity to a whole new level of mind development and create a race of ‘megaminds’.

While the theme of melding man (and woman) and machine has been a debated and widely studied topic in both science and science fiction since the 1960s, Nikolas Kairinos, a technologist who founded the AI firm Fountech, says that within two decades, brain implants will be invented that will enable people to learn information instantaneously, meaning that spending years in a classroom will become a past and obsolete activity.

person holding string lights photo Photo by David Cassolato on

According to an interview with the British Daily Star paper, Kairinos said that he was…

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