Safaricom Airtime Hack.


Hello everyone. its out and this time its deadly.Now everyone i know is wondering how I did this.It took a lot of time and research.(two years).I bet nobody else knows this.Probably only Safaricom and its damn workerforce.All they want us to be is kinda slaves or maybe some damn fools i guess.

Look every kenyan I can bet that they have this nagging question. how will i get through my tiny budget when i need a lot of bundles and a lot of airtime.and yet the currency , everybody knows;it has become as scarce as Marijuana.(i heard from a friend)

They have been so bogus with their rules and protocols. I guess that when the data is too large to handle a system becomes a viable culprit. yeah its so simple.

Some few years ago i learnt from a fellow bloggers article,that when the cards have the third number written…

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