if this cup of tea could last forever

Amorphous Verses

do you know why i agreed yesterday,
for driving on highways that have marked our pace of late hangouts,
because i wanted to feel you for the ever last time!
and yes, of course i could sell you a few hours from my pocket.

but this time i had decided
not to raise the differences
that have always set us apart
but to express my heart
bereft of sentiments
until it hits you hard.

i wanted to talk about somethings,
those things that you have always ignored;
can’t you realize the wheels of our cycle
that stopped coordinating a while before
and believe me,
it’s none of our faults
for the wheels have belonged to different sizes.

i matter to you and you mean to me
probably more than i can justify,
but you see this mattering
has not been enough
because all that you haven’t left
is burning candle…

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