Visit the North Cape

Adventure 69°North

The famous North Cape cliff is far above the arctic circle in Norway and it is the goal of many to have visited the Land of the Midnight Sun once in their life. When you stand on the plateau on North Cape you are on the top of the world, only 2000 kilometres from the North Pole.

North Cape NorwayFrom the North Cape looking towards Knivskjellodden

The best time to visit North Cape is when the midnight sun is visible from mid-May until end of July. We all hope for the perfect photo of the midnight sun lighting up the globe on the North Cape plateau. But even without the midnight sun I still find it a spectacular spot to visit. This is a wild, barren land – not a single tree is able to grow in this harsh landscape. You truly feel like you are at the world’s end.

Nordkapp kartWhere is North Cape?

What you need to see when…

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