The best hikes on Senja Island

Adventure 69°North

Senja is Norway’s second largest island, located just north of the more famous Lofoten Islands. Senja Island is just as spectacular as Lofoten Islands, but far less traveled.

We wanted stunning vistas of fjords, fishing villages and surrounding peaks, but not the crowds. So we chose Senja this summer, and what a great choice it was. It is paradise for mountain hikers.

If you are ready for steep climbs and stunning views this is the destination for you. We did many hikes on the island and here are the 3 hikes we would recommend.

Husfjellet (Medium difficulty – 7.6 km – 3 to 4 hours)

The village of Skaland hosts the trailhead to Husfjellet. The hike is considered moderate with its 630 meters elevation gain as the climb is gradual. There are no exposed areas along the trail (before you get to the top) and many families will chose this hike.

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