My Unexcused Life


This one little bit I will keep for me;
hide it up on a dark, damp, weather-worn shelf.
I will look again later, peruse it when I’m ready,
and so from my mind, I seal it up for myself.
Neat and tidy; boxed and safe,
don’t ask me for it, it’s put away.

I know it’s thin and cold, with despair colors,
but for the small glimmers of light that break.
The tiny things that make me smile,
they are mine, only mine; to give, and to take.
So for myself, I will keep it, guard it, protect it,
and for it I gladly, willingly, forsake all others.

I want it for my own, this I won’t share,
you will try to add to it, mold it and change it.
So don’t beg or plead, or look with wet eyes,
for it matters not to me how forlornly, sadly you…

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