George Blamey-Steeden


‘Come a Frozen Morning’

How do you write over-the-top surreal lyrics like Dylan? I’m thinking Desolation Row style here. Answer: basically you don’t. He’s one of a kind. Even so, that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

You had a dream in the beginning
You had a dream that sounded good
Why you woke up and lived the nightmare
I never understood

You climbed the mountain after midnight
Under the light of a full moon
I heard that come a frozen morning
You stole the big shot’s hot air balloon
You ended up among the gravestones
Where dead bodies know their place
You dressed yourself in magazines
Put on your bravest face

The letter you said you sent me
Never made it to base camp
A mailman in the snowstorm died
His body cold and damp
And inside looking out
You see a heaven upon earth
But that’s…

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