Patience While Improving – Will’s Wisdom

Tangible Triumph

“The tall standing skyscraper had taken the builders a year if not years to build. The man made sculpture that is 100 times real life size had taken tens of years. A beautiful portrait of the world around us takes a whooping six weeks. The great pyramids of Giza resulting in two decades before they were fully erect. The old famous saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” Is one that still stands true and tall through the wicked warp of time with buildings that still stand firm to this day. A perfectionist is never complete when the work is done. All good things come with time.”

How often do you pick something up, to put it down five minutes later? Do you still have a project sitting dusty in the corner of the attic waiting patiently?

Over the years I have become to learn, patience is key if…

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