Mind Over Matter – Will’s Wisdom

Tangible Triumph

“Commit to dedicating your time precisely and the rest will follow. The mind works in a manner where, if you allow it to collaborate with positive thoughts your body will follow. We’ve all heard it before “Mind over matter.” Matter is secondary. The world is constantly changing. What doesn’t change is the content of ones own mind. Opinion changes; values should not. Live in harmony with your beliefs. The matter of the world will constantly change without warning. Allow your mind to believe in itself and become reliant on what is within and not without.”

Some days it may be hard to get the mind going. Those soft feelings of being sluggish not wanting to move from the comfort a blanket holds. Shy from the world which brings a today full of untold stories.

These thoughts aren’t wrong, but can curb your enthusiasm to take on what is next in…

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