How 50 Activists Killed a 60-Million-Dollar Slaughterhouse Deal in 12 Days

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slaughterhouse Activists fill Milwaukee City Hall to protest the Strauss slaughterhouse.
Photo: Robert Grillo, Free From Harm

Source Free From Harm

Two weeks after an incredible victory that captured the headlines and social media, I am still pinching myself to make sure what happened so rapidly and decisively is not but a dream I regret waking up from. The efforts of 50 activists and neighbors who shut down a 60-million dollar slaughterhouse in 12 days should serve as a huge inspiration to many. It demonstrates what is possible when a small yet determined group of regular people sets their minds to accomplish something that seems, on its face, impossible.

From the time one Milwaukee activist learned about the Straus slaughterhouse deal in a news story on October 8th, all signs from the media and politicians indicated it was a done deal with no hope in hell of being…

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