Baltic Approaches D+9 (18 July, 1987) Part II

Third World War 1987


The Northern Group of Forces (NGF) and Polish divisions pushing north through Schleswig-Holstein towards Jutland weren’t exempt from the indecision and ambivalence dominating the Baltic theater. The future remained unclear concerning the timetable for ground operations against Denmark. NGF’s commander, Colonel-General Ivan Korbutov wasn’t sure there would even be a next phase. Everything was contingent upon whether or not Sweden jumped into the war. If that did occur, Korbutov understood clearly what the ramifications would be for his command, as well as the overall Warsaw Pact plan for Denmark. He could read a map well enough. The problem was he wasn’t so confident his superiors could.

His forces were tantalizingly close to the Danish border, just as they had been for going on two days now. Resupply efforts, the indecision of his commanders in Legnica, and a dozen other variables had combined to keep his divisions in Schleswig-Holstein. The greatest…

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