Documenting a Chaotic Mind: The Art of Gareth Jones

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British artist Gareth Jones decided that he wanted to bring his work to a bigger audience, and over the last few weeks created Gaz Jones Art, his new website on Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADD, borderline personality disorder, and OCD, Gareth was advised by his doctors to write it all down; he chose instead to create a visual log of his illness to document a chaotic mind. As his art took off it became more than just a hobby — and setting up a website is part of Gareth’s progression toward making a career out of his work.

‘Dunno.’ Acrylic on Canvas. 2019. Gareth Jones

When did your interest in painting first start?

Pretty late to be honest. I was diagnosed with a load of mental illnesses and spent time in a psychiatric hospital. The doctors there encouraged me to take up a “therapeutic hobby,” and as my…

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