Creating Possible

Heaven On Earth

Just the other day I decided to go to Chestnut Ridge Park, camera in tow, with hope I’d hit the peak Fall colors. I wasn’t in tiptop form that day, yet I insisted on going. Deciding to leave my fanny pack with my water bottle in the car, and only carrying one camera body, I went for that hike.

Not getting far, brutal pain hit with every other step. Before I began I did not know this would happen. I decided to keep going in order to capture what I had every intention of capturing. In doing a [secret] favor for my neighbor days earlier when she was buried under unexpected stressful life events, I strained my left groin muscle. How? I mucked out her horse stall. That, friends, is a big ouch! And one very dirty and hard job!

So there I was hiking on these killer hills…

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