The Mandala A Way of Learning

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The Mandala Is a beautiful design depicting many symbols that are sacred to the Tibetan Religion and Culture, today I witnessed the final touches to this ten day work of exquisite beauty, this Incorporated chanting and blessings, then In a matter of two Minutes, The Beautiful Ten Days Work Was Swept Up

And The Coloured Beads Were Placed In a Bowl I Admit I Felt a Rush of Dismay As I Witnessed Its Erasure, But Then Felt the Glow of Experience and Deep Learning, As The Lessons of What I Had Witnessed Over the Ten Days, Was Bought Home. The Lesson Involved Showing That All Things in Life Such As Beauty and Material Things and Life, are Not Eternal, And All Do Face Dissolution in Time, Including Human Life. The Lesson Taught That It Is Vexatious and Unnecessary

To Attach Too Much Energy Into The Material World, As It Slows the…

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