Pot Luck (Copacetic in Retirement)

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Pot Luck
(Copacetic in Retirement)

We’re copacetic in retirement. It’s like back in the days
when pot first hit the sixties and our minds were in a haze.
Drugs made our dreaming groovy and our lives peripatetic.
Our clothes were loose and festive. Every day was copacetic.

With time to watch the raindrops dripping drip by drip,
we took life with a grain of salt. Worrying was unhip.
So now life’s cycled back again. Desperate days are done.
We don’t have to fight the traffic. We have more time for fun.

Once more, drugs are ubiquitous, although a different type,
with a pill for every malady, an herb for every gripe.
Now that they’re legalizing cannabis, we’re drowning in fine weed—
a type for every malady. A strain for every need.

Do they think if we’re sedated, we won’t notice what they’re doing?
Will it censor our displeasure? Will it…

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