White Trash & Chopsticks


Two friends went trick or treating in a neighborhood. Most people they encountered that night were ordinary and so were the treats they received. That all changed after they met an old couple who offered them pizza.

Come on over, get it while it’s hot. An old man insisted.

He was wearing a wife beater, grey sweatpants, and a gold cross necklace. He had a full head of gray hair slicked back in an old school fasion. He looked like one of those guys in the mob that hangs outside an Italian restaurant.He was standing in his driveway near a table that had stacks of pizza boxes. His wife was sitting down on one those plastic patio chairs. One of the two friends dressed up like a cowboy for Halloween and his outfit didn’t go unoticed by the old man.

Hey John Wayne, what happened, did you lose your balls.

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