Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #67: Candid

HHC Blog

This is my submission for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #67: Candid.

Anne-Christine said: “Taking photos of people or animals when they have no idea that you’re doing it is called candid photography.”

I love candid photos. It seems to me that when someone posing for a photo, the excitement (surprise?) part of a photo would no longer be there. 😉

At a farmers market in Vermont… the light was irresistible.

I saw similar emotion on their faces. The man on the left had a sign saying: “Retired teacher (I think it was “teacher”… I don’t remember). Pension not enough for living.” (Something like that.) How can anyone forget him?

A ring pop was the reward of being a ring bearer at the wedding. Whatever worked… but blue? 😉

Thank you, Anne-Christine.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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