Inktober 2019 Catch Up

The Artisan Duck

I am still going strong with Inktober but I have got very behind with posting my pictures. My kids break up for a 2 week school holiday at the end of this week and I have a craft fair to prepare for that is at the very end of their break. History has taught me that once they are home there is little to no chance of getting any jewellery making done so all my time and energy has gone into jewellery making over the last 2 weeks.

So, jumping in from where I left off on my last post…….

Day 9 was ‘Swing’

Inktober 2019 Day 9 Swing

Not much to say apart from I really need to work on drawing people!

Day 10 was ‘Pattern’

I decided to draw a butterfly and push myself out of my comfort zone a little. I used my Mozart brush pens (I checked and they are ink…

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