From Blog to Book to TV Show: The Journey of an Uber Driver

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In August 2015, Ben Phillips published his first post at Diary of an Uber Driver, recalling his inaugural ride-share experience. He never expected what came after: a book and a TV show. Four years later, a six-episode dramedy series, inspired by his encounters with strangers in his car, recently aired on the ABC in Australia. Ben chats with us about this wild ride, and how it all began on his blog.

What compelled you to start the blog? When did you realize it was worth chronicling these encounters?

In 2015, when my first Uber passenger turned toward me — with streaks of purple and black mascara cascading from her bloodshot eyes — and hissed, “It doesn’t matter that you’re ugly and have a small dick, you’ll still have women throwing themselves at you, won’t you,” I knew I was going to experience something very unique.

This complete stranger…

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