Sometimes all we need is a fresh coat of paint

Creative Whare


Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to add new life to old items on the verge of being tossed out, or retrieved from the trash heap – like my painted pallet mural, freestyled over a few warm delightful evenings.

This lil button stool DIY below took no time at all on a sunny Sunday morning, and it’s brightened up a somewhat drab little nook of the garden. A quick wipe down to remove some spider webs and dust then a quick coat of colour, left to dry while I swept and tidied the rest of the patio. In a few hours we had a sparkly new plant stand. It won’t last forever but I’m trying to utilise what I have on hand to re-purpose and use in the garden.

I also painted some collected and cleaned tin cans I had gathering dust under the sink. Again…

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