How to Kill a Radioactive Sea Monster

Silver Screenings

The monster rises! Image: IMDb

*Warning: Spoilers*

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a submarine dive straight into the eyeball of a radioactive sea monster.

This spectacular maneuver can be seen in the 1954 sci-fi/horror flick, Monster from the Ocean Floor. Now, a submarine to the eyeball sounds like a ludicrous end to a radioactive monster, but if you see the film, you’ll agree it was the Only Way.

You may be wondering how planet Earth became saddled with such a creature: In 1946, scientists conducted nuclear explosions at the Bikini Atoll, and the resulting radiation found its way across the Pacific to a cove in western Mexico.

According to the locals, the radiation creates oversized sea animals. But they’re nothing compared to the giant, one-eyed amoeba that lurches ashore during a full moon and captures living beings, whether animal or human.

The amoeba – which looks like…

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