Fairy-Tale: The Golden Mountain


Esteemed Readers, today I would like to share with you a fairy-tale which fits to our capitalistic time pretty well. In fact, the problem of gold, wealth & avidity has always been a serious reasons for many nasty crimes. As we have already discussed, the Russian folklore is hostile to huge possessions & denies even “la vie bourgeoise” as a probable alternative of a good life.

The story tells about a merchant’s son, whose name remains unknown, & his light-mindedness that led him to an extreme poverty. However the follow  wasn’t taken aback. He began seeking for a job & this search involved him into some bloody adventures. The story ends well…he remains alive, but what a moral price he pays in the end!

Again we have a thriller which action takes place in far oversea lands. Again there is cruelty & a beautiful wise maiden saving the hero…

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