Cry Havoc! Arizona Attorney Linked to John McCain Arrested

Digital Empire

And let slip Paul Peterson, McCain’s Bag Boy.

-Recently we reported on the arrest of Paul Peterson, an attorney and former elected public servant, who is now facing DOJ charges relating to adoption fraud and the smuggling of illegal aliens.

-Peterson was allegedly bringing pregnant women, from The Marshall Islands, to America and putting their children up for adoption, for hefty profits.

-It is now being reported that, in some cases, the women did not want to give up their children.

-Today the plot thickens as questions of possible involvement by Jeff Flake and the late John McCain are surfacing.

https://  dcdirtylaundry  .com/flake-and-mccain-connected-to-arizona-adoption-attorney-arrested-for-human-trafficking/

Paul Peterson Linked to Jeff Flake and John McCain.

-Petersen’s reference in 2013 to being invited on a Marshall Island trip WITH Flake is something that promises to peak the interest of state and federal investigators.

-“Any investigator worth their salt would want to know what else…

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