Beyond the Wall

A Sliver of Life

A fragrant green bog,
wisps of a chilled fog,
merry gurgling stream,
frogs soak and dream,
the silent shallow stills,
frilling those lofty hills,
carpets of furry moss,
hollow logs lie across,
the musty loamy soil,
where tiny insects toil,
a rustling forest floor,
a grunt a howl a roar,
light whistling breeze,
the busy buzzing bees,
of boughs bending low,
browsers nibble below,
rugged branches above,
where birds fall in love,
fledglings in their nests,
the anxious flying tests,
the soaring eagle’s cry,
a brilliant painted sky,
so where do I see it all?
look beyond the wall, just look beyond the wall…

– Narendra Nayak © 2019

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