That Force You Feel When Pushing Two Magnets Against Each Other Is “LIGHT” And It Doesn’t Exist

Reality Decoded

What is Light?

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic radiation waves and fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which are a stream of Photons.

What is a Photon?

A Photon is a massless potential moving at the speed of light. It is the smallest quantity (quantum) of energy which can be transported.

Photons are emitted from electrons when they reduce orbital distance from an atoms nucleus.

  • Photons are describe as the following:
    • A state of being
    • Virtual
    • Behave like (not “Are”)
    • Potentiality
    • Real in some sense

What is the force from magnets?

  • Amagnet has two fields:
    • Magnetic field
    • ElectricField

Electric andmagnetic fieldsaremadeof the same thing (Photons).

Magnetic fields are continuous lines of force that flow from a north seeking magnetic pole to a south seeking magnetic poles.

Even stranger:

  • Some photons are only Virtual
  • Electrons don’t loose anything emitting photons Oo ergo the…

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