What to do if you can’t sleep?

A Better Man

You’re lying awake, alternately counting sheep and staring at the ceiling. It’s two, then three in the morning. Birds, squirrels, even bugs are sleeping — everyone but you. Most people have some experience with this, and if you have insomnia, you’ve experienced it a lot. Well, we’ve got the silver bullet: Get up!

This sounds like a non sequitur, but bear with us: In Ivan Pavlov’s famous behavioral experiments, he found that dogs started salivating when they saw scientists in white lab coats. (There were no actual bells in his experiments.) To the canines, the coats signaled that they were about to be fed. The coats, in other words, gave the dogs a strong and vibrant “food cue.”

Environmental cues like this play a bigger role in human psychology than we give them credit for. They don’t just make dogs drool; they help us fall asleep. Insomnia, in fact, often…

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