Marina Kanavaki

Humor, for a change!

As the Greek government is passing very strict laws on smoking, I thought it appropriate to publish one of the “Paraphernalia“, Anakreon Kanavakis [my father] created, back in 1996.

Convincing people to cut down on smoking, is one [good] thing… marginalizing them as persona non grata though, is a whole other story!

If they consider smoking, health damaging then why are cigarettes still being sold?

If they are so concerned about our health, why don’t they ban children from handling cell phones too?

These coming from a person who used to smoke 3 packs a day and quit some 20 years ago and who since then couldn’t [still can’t] stand the smoke from a distance!

Original cartoon created by Anakreon Kanavakis,

published in his book titled:



Text next to the cartoon:


A seat exclusively…

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